23 de marzo de 2008

¿Cómo diagnosticar un Bloqueo AV tipo Wenckebach?...

Diagnosis Wenckebach by Med 2010
[Verse 1]Diagnosis Wenckebach (What?)It’s AV nodal block and that’s a fact (yeah)Take PR interval and lengthen that (yeah)Brady arrhythmia and heart attack (Oh no!)
Take it to the node!
Oh P waveMy PR interval, they elongateThe QRS gets missed oh what a shameI think the AV block in me’s to blame
[Chorus]Take some more recordings!
Check lead II (AV type I Mobitz)What you gonna do? (AV type I Mobitz)Doctors don’t hurt me please (AV type I Mobitz)I’m walking all threes (AV type I Mobitz)Show me what you’ll treat me with (AV type I Mobitz)Restore my rhythm to sinus (AV type I Mobitz)I don’t really wanna die (AV type I Mobitz)Please just keep me alive (AV type I Mobitz)(and)Get this node going (AV type I Mobitz)Get this node going (AV type I Mobitz)Get this node go-iing (AV type I Mobitz)Get this node going (AV type I Mobitz)(x2)
[Verse 2]Diagnosis Wenckebach (lurp)Ever since we started on this cardiac (yurp)I’ve turned into a hypochondriac (lurp)I’m all filled up with those sclerotic plaques (oh no!)
Take it to the node!
Mobitz IYou see those extra P waves are no funI need some atropine or else I’m doneYou say benign oh no but you’re just dumb.
[Verse 3](You ready?) x 3
Yes I got Wenckebach (That’s correct)Them other rhythms don’t know how to act (Uh-huh)Got those group beats you know and that’s a fact (Yup)Slowing conduction down the AV tract (That’s right)

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